PCC Christmas Mini Fondo Sunday 17th December 2017

11 Dec 2017

Christmas Mini Fondo

Join us next Sunday for the PCC Christmas Mini Fondo Social Ride.

This ride is purely social and will have groups to suit all levels of fitness. Below there are maps of the route so you can join us along the way if you dont want to ride the full distance.

As we require numbers of interested riders please contact us on or the club Facebook page.


Sunday 17th December 2017

Start time / approx. return 

6:30AM sharp / 10.30AM


85km - Fast group

62km - Moderate Group


The Junction - Corner of Windsor Road and James Ruse Drive - Northmead/North Parramatta (Car park outside Officeworks)

Alternatively 7.20AM approximately at The Ponds (Burdekin & Hambledon)

Elevation / terrain 

600mts mostly flat to undulating (check Strava link and profile below)

Average speed 

Fast Group - 28+ kmph

Moderate Group - 25+ kmph

Ride coordinator/s

Ben Dean and Peter Barraket

About the ride 

Our annual club social ride for Christmas that has a ‘no drop’ policy. It’s meant to be social and fun so in the spirit of Christmas, deck yourself and your machine out in Christmas fanfare.

Please wear Club Kit.

We will ride out to Windsor together at which point the fast group will stretch their legs for another 20+ kilometres at an average speed of 30+ kmph. The moderate group will head to Windsor for morning refreshments and a chat. There is some time to explore the area whilst waiting for the fast bunch to return. Once the fast group returns to Windsor and have had their break, together again we will ride back to Parramatta. If you don’t want to ride the full route you are more than welcome to meet us along the route. Refreshments at own expense.

Approximate timeline:

Roll Out: 6.30AM Parramatta or 7.20AM approximately at The Ponds

Arrive Windsor: 8.00AM

Depart Windsor: 9.30AM

Finish: 10.30AM

Strava link




Please understand all timings and distances are best estimates due to the social nature of the ride.

Ride map 


Rules and Etiquette 24 Nov 2017 - courtesy of St. Kilda Cycling Club.

Cycling Etiquette boils down to SAFETY, your safety and the safety of the people riding around you.

  1. Respect the direction and advice of senior club riders who have earned their say through experience and commitment to the club.
  2. Obey the road laws. There is no amnesty for cyclists. Remember the roads are open and public and are there to be shared and enjoyed.
  3. Share the Love. A smile and a wave go a long way if a driver has waited for a cyclist to get through a junction. Say hello to other cyclists on the road as you pass. We are kindred spirits, connected by our passion and shared pain.
  4. Be spatially aware. Everything you do has a knock-on effect on everyone behind and beside you.
  5. Ride a maximum of two abreast and single file when there is less space.
  6. Be predictable with all your actions and communicate. Maintain a steady consistent line and avoid braking or changing direction suddenly.
  7. Point out and call hazards ahead. These include potholes, drain grates, stray animals, opening car doors, parked cars, broken glass or other dangerous debris.  Use “car up” or “car back”, for example, or “slowing” if you or the riders in front of you are slowing.
  8. When coming up to lights and they are amber or red call “lights”, to add effect call “stopping”. If very close to the intersection and they go amber call “rolling”. A long group may need to split and a responsible rider in the middle of the bunch will call “stopping” to prevent riders behind entering the intersection when red. 
  9. Half-wheeling is capital crime. When on the front of the bunch keep the bikes handlebar to handlebar.
  10. Hold a Wheel and Line. Maintain a 30cm (1 foot), or less, gap between you and the wheel in front and very slightly to one side.
  11. Do not overlap or cross wheels. A slight direction change can cause wheels to touch.
  12. Keep left. Allow riders or another bunch to pass safely on your right.
  13. When climbing hills, avoid following a wheel too closely. Many riders often lose their momentum when rising out of the saddle on a hill that can cause a sudden deceleration.
  14. Time trial alone. Don’t ride down on your aero-bars in a bunch ever! Bike control is reduced about 90% in aero bars.
  15. If you want to spit or snot look around move out of the draft momentarily and return to the paceline when you’re done!

When a Bunch is Working and Rolling Turns

When a bunch is working (30-50km/h) the front riders will ‘roll turns’. The rules above apply but there are some important things to remember. Rolling turns takes considerable skill and experience. Practice at a slow speed with friends, get some coaching. Assuming you are ready here are some simple rules:

  • Do your fair share of work at the front.  If you are struggling and can’t take a turn, stay at the back of the bunch rather than disrupt the rhythm of those who are working.
  • If you are struggling to close a gap, wave the rider behind you through.
  • If you are not confident of your bike handling ability, and the pace is too fast for you to take a turn at or near the front, put your pride away and learn how to sit on the back of the bunch. When the lead rider comes back after doing his or her turn, tell him or her to cut in, dropping back yourself to allow room. 
  • Do not panic if you brush shoulders, hands or bars with another rider. Try to stay relaxed in your upper body to absorb any bumps. This is a part of cycle riding and racing in close bunches and is quite safe provided riders do not panic, brake or change direction abruptly.


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