Seat Allocations for Orica Green Edge Movie

26 Oct 2017

Seat Allocations for Friday nights screening.

Cinema 10 Event cinemas Castle Hill

Movie starts 8:30pm sharp (no adds beforehand so be there about 8:20pm)


 Seat Number First Name Last Name

Row H Seat 16 Phil Gates
Row H Seat 15 Donna Gates
Row H Seat 14 Peter Barraket
Row H Seat 13 Dianne Brooks
Row H Seat 12 Mike Ellis
Row H Seat 11 Michelle Ellis
Row H Seat 10 Peter Vidler
Row H Seat 9 Kath Vidler
Row H Seat 8 Maurice Shannon
Row H Seat 7 Linda Shannon
Row H Seat 6 Shannon
Row H Seat 5 Les Crawford
Row H Seat 4 Andrew Cooper
Row H Seat 3 Sue Cooper
Row H Seat 2 Keith Birmingham
Row G Seat 14 David Lloyd
Row G Seat 16 Jill Lloyd
Row G Seat 15 Adam Lloyd
Row G Seat 13 David Lee
Row G Seat 12 Elizabeth Lee
Row G Seat 9 Phil Lee
Row G Seat 8 Liz Lee
Row G Seat 7 Frank Ceccato
Row G Seat 6 Mark Pittana
Row G Seat 5 Liz Clarke
Row G Seat 4 Husband Clarke
Row G Seat 3 Liz Clarke
Row G Seat 2 Liz Clarke
Row F Seat 16 Steve Collyer
Row F Seat 15 Carolyn Collyer
Row F Seat 14 Collyer
Row F Seat 13 Collyer
Row F Seat 12 Stephen Jones
Row F Seat 9 Peter Jeffers
Row F Seat 8 Graeme Elder
Row F Seat 7 Zel Trojko
Row F Seat 6 Anita Trojko
Row F Seat 5 Rick Grimaldi
Row F Seat 4 Aldo Grimaldi
Row F Seat 3 Paul crotty
Row F Seat 2 Anne crotty
Row E Seat 16 Paul Mcdonald
Row E Seat 15 Bob Shields
Row E Seat 14 Shields
Row E Seat 13 Shields
Row E Seat 12 Shields
Row E Seat 9 Rob Johnson
Row E Seat 8 Rob Johnson
Row E Seat 7 Martin Marzal
Row E Seat 6 Steven Richardson
Row E Seat 5 Malcom Price
Row E Seat 4 Scott Parslow
Row E Seat 3 Brett Pomesary
Row E Seat 2 Jarred Mallia
Row D Seat 16 Kim Parslow
Row D Seat 15 Andrew Uebergang
Row D Seat 14 Steve McGarrity
Row D Seat 13 Dave Krusza
Row D Seat 12
Row D Seat 9 Mahdi Troghranegar
Row D Seat 8 Roya Troghranegar
Row D Seat 3 Stuart Lobb
Row D Seat 2 Lobb
Row C Seat 14 Bob Madell
Row C Seat 13 Stuart Tiley
Row C Seat 12 Ben Dean
Row C Seat 11 Jason Tran
Row C Seat 10 Andrew Blair
Row C Seat 9 Blair
Row C Seat 8 David Hosken
Row C Seat 7 Karin Hosken
Row C Seat 6 Brian Hackney
Row C Seat 5 Sue Hackney
Row C Seat 4 Matt Erwin
Row C Seat 3 Marella Erwin
Row C Seat 2
Row C Seat 1
Row B Seat 14
Row B Seat 13
Row B Seat 12
Row B Seat 11
Row B Seat 10
Row B Seat 9
Row B Seat 8
Row B Seat 7
Row B Seat 6
Row B Seat 5
Row B Seat 4
Row B Seat 3
Row B Seat 2
Row B Seat 1

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